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Ozzy Wizzpop cartoon

Children’s birthday parties

I work with parents and others responsible for planning a party for children who are concerned to find a cost effective yet talented quality childrens entertainer that the kids will all love and prove unique and memorable. I am Ozzy Wizzpop and I’m passionate about performing a thrilling fun packed magic show leaving the children rolling with laughter and dazzled by the magic.

The show has been tailored specifically for the 3 – 7 year old in mind. I open with a hilarious 5 minute comedy set involving popular kids tv themes and comedy props. This works great as before the magic has begun the children are warmed up and even more eager to join in with the interactive fun nature of the show. My first trick involves all the children drawing a picture of me on my magic white board which then moves it eyes and talks. The children are left speechless and amazed. Without revealing the entire contents of rest of the show, you can be assured that the remaining carries on with the children playing a big role in making the magic happen. The birthday child takes an extra special role and is made to be the star of the show.

The majority of my bookings now come from word of mouth and referrals and it’s this satisfaction that parents have enjoyed that can reassure you that booking my show is a wise choice. I understand that you want your child’s party to be memorable for all the right reasons, and you don’t want to worry about the professionalism, cost or the party itself. In this specialised field of entertainment and I can give you assurances on all these counts. I am also affordable, and will work with you to ensure your party is the best it can be.

Let me know  a few details of the party (including date) by filling out this quick form and I will let you know my availability of that date. Alternativly give me a ring on 07873 690696 for a chat.

Ozzy Wizzpop – great choice for childrens entertainer West Sussex