Children’s Entertainer Shaftesbury

Disaster proofing the party

Ozzy Wizzpop – a great choice for childrens entertainer Shaftesbury.

We all want our child’s party to go off smoothly. There are lots of elements to plan for the big day and therefore there are a lot of potential problems that could go wrong. Take checks of the following points to ensure your day flows with no major hiccups.

Pets – you no doubt love your four legged friend however some children may be afraid of animals or even allergic to them. Best to put them in another room away from the guests.

Time – is there another child in your child’s class having a party the same day? Does the day fall near a public holiday whereby people may be out of town and may affect attendance?

Planning – involving your child in the planning of the party. What you may think is a wonderful idea may not be a shared vision with your child. Also involving them in the planning empowers them too and makes them feel important. This also limits the chance that they will not enjoy the party.

Inviting parents – Younger children’s parents may be apprehensive about leaving their children on their own for a few hours. State on the party invitation that parents are welcome to stay for the duration of the party. Just don’t forget to bring some extra chairs for them. And have tea and coffee facilities at hand.

Think about cupcakes – to complement the main birthday cake decorate it with cupcakes. At the end of the party you can give each child one. This will eliminate the need to quickly cut slices of the cake at the end of the party for the children. Oh and then there’s more for you and the family!

Prepare for that extra child – someone may bring along their twin brother or even their cousin without not informing you. Be prepared for this.