The Show


Watch as your children are spell bound by captivating illusions. This magical performance turns your child's event into a fairy tale with specially crafted tricks featuring slapstick comedy and audience participation. Woven with enchanting stories, the journey is filled with whimsical twists, leading to a spellbinding finish that leaves children delighted.

Bonkers The Monkey

Meet Bonkers, the kids' absolute favorite mischief-maker! The moment he appears, it's a whirlwind of excitement and laughter. Bonkers is all about busting moves, making funny faces and generally being as silly as he can. This is a sidesplitting routine that's pure comedy gold, leaving your little ones in stitches. This is a laughter riot, belly-laughing, show-stealing thrill that your kids will cherish!.


This is a funny show! Laughter plays a big role in the performance. Children are regularly left rolling on their backs laughing throughout. I keep the giggles flowing through out which ensures the children are fully engaged. I'm often told after by parents that they too also enjoy the show.

2 Hour Party Breakdown

First 45 Minutes
The magic show with Bonkers The Monkey
Middle Of The Party (approx 25 minutes)
This is when the children have their party food. I will play their favourite hits whilst they eat. We then sing happy birthday once they have finished eating.
Final 45 Minutes
Mostly party games (prize for everyone) with a touch of magic. Balloon modelling if booked.

1 Hour Party Breakdown

First 45 Minutes
The magic show with Bonkers The Monkey
Final 10 Minutes
Party games with a prize for everyone