So whats in the show?

I set the show in motion with a 5 minute comedy warm up to get the children laughing and familiar with me. I then begin the show with my most impressive magic trick to get them excited about what’s to come. This is a practical tactic to keep them immersed for the rest of the show. Following this I invite the birthday child up to help me with a trick. I keep getting the trick wrong but the child gets it right (any child can do this – they just have to hold a bag) – it’s a lot of fun! The remainder of the show is a comedy based magic show that involves the children throughout. Half way through I bring out my puppet monkey. This is a thrilling puppet routine that gives the children a jolt of excitement midway through to keep them further engaged. After some more magic and finishing with my big finale trick, I end the last ten minutes with party games.

The show has been designed to keep the children engrossed and exhilarated throughout the entire performance. After numerous performances, I have a tried and tested children’s magic party that is a finely crafted perfect roller coaster of a show that keeps the kids thrilled from start to finish.
Here’s a little more about the main aspects of the show;


The show becomes almost fairytale like when the children witness magical miracles happening right in front of their very eyes. The show features magic tricks that’s are specifically tailored towards children by a sprinkling of slapstick comedy, audience participation and general silliness. I write stories to accompany the magic tricks so it becomes a fun journey with many silly comical twists and turns throughout with a spell binding finish. The children absolutely delight in this.


Laughter plays a big role in the show. I pride myself in being able to keep the kids chuckling for up to two hours at a time. It’s very common for children to be physically rolling on there back with laughter at my shows. Get your cameras ready for this! Having performed so many shows, new funny bits come to me all the time as I’m performing. These get written down in my routine book and are added to the next show which maximises the laughter. Parents often comment to me after the show that they too had a good laugh.

Bonkers the monkey

Bonkers is very popular with the little ones and causes chaos as soon as he excitedly appears from his box. He likes dancing silly, pulling faces, nibbling his toes (and my ear!) and generally getting up to mischief. I have a very funny well polished routine for my zany puppet side kick that brings the house down every time with laughter and enjoyment. This is a very thrilling part of the show for the little ones.

2 hour party breakdown

The most sought after party from parents is the two hour party. Most kids parties are two hours in length and I run the entire duration so all you have to do is bring along the food – totally stress free for you. Here’s how the two hour party is organised.

  • First 45 minutes

    The magic show with monkey puppet show. Birthday child is brought up on stage to participate.

  • Middle of the party (15-20 minutes)

    This is when the children have their party food. I will play the latest kids chart hits with my sound system whilst the children eat. We then sing happy birthday once the children have finished eating.

  • Next 45 minutes

    A little bit of magic, balloon modelling & party games.

1 hour show breakdown

  • First 50 minutes

    Magic show including monkey puppet

  • Final 10 minutes

    Party games with a prize for everyone

Area covered:

Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Bournemouth, Andover, Basingstoke, Fareham, Chichester, Farnborough