During the summer I take a lot more bookings for balloon twisting due to all the outdoor events happening. With this is in mind I set about learning some new designs to expand my repertoire and become a better twister. I like to think of it as the 2014 summer range. I have been a little distant with twisting for around six months just because the parties have been so busy and the kids are happy with the designs I know (monkey in a tree, penguin, flower bracelet etc) so I’ve been complacent with that.

After a little bit of procrastinating I found the will to reach for my balloon bag and come up with some new cool shapes. I immediately fell back in love with twisting. An old love had been reignited. What surprised me was my increased speed in twisting. My hands had become so fluid with twisting and bending the balloons into shape. Previously I had been a little slow and looked like I had been struggling whilst twisting. Now it all seems to flow smoothly.

This happened a few months back and since then I’ve been making some impressive stuff. Check out below for my bouquet of flowers and superman. I’m very proud of these!

The other week I had a booking for an elderly residential home for twisting. I wondered how they would react to this. It was quite possible that they previously had never witnessed such a thing. I’m chuffed to say they really enjoyed it and I hope to be twisting in more care homes soon. It was pleasant not be crowded like I am usually whilst twisting. I had time to make nice designs for them that they could cherish. So often I find myself with a huge line of children having to make the two fastest designs I know – the sword and dog. This isn’t very stimulating for a creative balloon artist but it keeps the children happy and that’s why I’m there.

After performing now for 18 months and doing a ton of shows in that time I’m starting to occasionally get recognised out and about by 6 year olds. This is very funny at times but more so heart warming for me to know I have remained in their minds as this is my main objective with Ozzy Wizzpop. I do a bit in my show where I pretend my name is Peppa Pig. The other day two little girls where in the room next to me at a community centre I was performing at. As I packed away (involving three trips to my car) the little ladies delighted in following me on each trip calling me peppa pig man. Well, it’s not all showbiz.