It’s important to me that I keep up with the trends of children to remain in touch with them. The benefit of this for me is that I’m able to make references during my show to certain elements of popular culture and thus craft a more enjoyable performance. I find that the audience really enjoy the fact that I make reference to the latest cartoon character or toy.

To prove that I’m down with the kids I can tell you that the coolest thing at the moment is oddly enough elastic bands. Children make bracelets from these tiny elastic bands that are known as loom bands. I see so many children with these bracelets now it’s unreal. I guess that buying a 2 pound packet of elastic bands is a lot better than buying an Xbox game from the perspective of the parent. I guess parents across the land must be praying that they’re still this popular come Christmas time. I would like to get one myself and proudly show it off during my show. Better still I would like to somehow work in a magic trick with the loom band. So if anybody wants to give me one at my next show I’d be chuffed to accept it.

I think it’s quite interesting that the biggest thing children into the moment is an actual craft. I guess it’s good it keeps them away from television screens and computer games. I wonder if there will be a spin-off of other such crafts amongst children. Maybe balloon twisting may become popular.

This year has seen the rise and rise of Disney film frozen. Almost every single party that I do I see at least one girl dressed as Elsa the lead character in the film. Last week I did a party in Chippenham and the whole audience were dressed as Elsa. This film is absolutely enormous. I read some statistics the other day that said that it is the biggest selling ever DVD and Blu-ray of all time. Now that really is a staggering achievement. I think it would be funny if I knew a part of the plot and began talking about it during my next little girls birthday party. This of course means I would have to sit down and watch it which I’m not really looking forward to though I’m sure the missus won’t mind. I will put it down to market research and try not to gaze at my iPhone throughout the whole thing.

Don’t forget my loom band now.