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What is the recipe for a great children’s party?


The show becomes almost fairytale-like when the children witness magical miracles happening right in front of their very eyes. The magic tricks are specifically tailored towards children by a sprinkling of slapstick comedy, audience participation and general silliness. I write stories to accompany the magic tricks so it becomes a fun journey with many silly comical twists and turns throughout with a spell binding finish. The children absolutely delight in this.

Where enchantment and wonder come alive! This magical performance transforms your child's event into a fairy tale, filled with captivating miracles unfolding right before their very eyes. The magic tricks are specially crafted to delight children, featuring a dash of slapstick comedy, active audience participation, and all-around silliness.

I weave enchanting stories into every trick, taking your little ones on a delightful journey filled with whimsical twists and turns. As the tale unfolds, the anticipation builds, leading to a spellbinding finish that leaves the children utterly enchanted and delighted.

Mix lots of party food and friends together. Then add a cup of magic from the fingers of an artist who can create fairy tale objects that comes alive in the young minds. The end result is an awesome party that will be remembered for a long time. Creating this special kind of enchantment is what Ozzy Wizzpop, master balloon twister, is all about.

Ozzy is an artist at entertaining kids. He knows how to make them laugh and he knows how to make a party special. They stare in awe at as his fingers make the balloon sculptures take shape before their eyes.

He makes everything from aliens to airplanes and fish to flowers and many more. The birthday child gets an extra special giant balloon sculpture as a gift. Each and every party-goer also goes home with one of his creations.

The shapes and squiggles capture the young imaginations and very soon the party becomes a land of wonder in which balloon creatures live. The balloon sculptures become friends to the children and they add to the fun and laughter. The day becomes one that will be remembered for a long time.

Making sculptures like these is an art and when an artist like Ozzy goes to work the results can be quite stunning. He would arrive at a party with a bag containing a thousand balloons and a pump. When he goes to work the little faces are a study in concentration as they await the outcome of all the activity. When the work is done the little faces light up and the young ones giggle and sometimes scream with delight.

One thing is certain, Ozzy knows what he is doing and he gives his all to make the kids enjoy themselves. Creativity is what this art is all about and he has lots of it.