Once in a lifetime someone special comes along to inspire a generation. If you’re fortunate enough then you might absorb some of that spark and become a greater person. Sat in my pyjamas in the late 80’s in front of a cube shaped varnish edged television set, I became that inspired person.

It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Paul Daniels. There simply would not have been Ozzy Wizzpop if it wasn’t for the prodigious man. Paul put magic in the forefront of my mind and made it exciting and dazzling. He both captured and captivated my imagination whilst sowing a seed in my mind that would later grow into something special.

Paul was a real magician, a highly skilled artist. Before he even set foot in a tv studio he was top of his game. This made seeing the master at work that more special. I liked Paul because he performed magic that evoked a genuine response of awe. Some of today’s TV magic seems a little far fetched, distant from its roots. It just doesn’t have the same effect on me than Paul’s magic did. With a continual thirst for something new for television this is understandable. I guess I was lucky to be a kid in the eighties.

My gratitude for Paul has been echoed similarly right across the magic community, long before his passing. So many childrens entertainers / magicians have stated that they would not be in show business if it wasn’t for the inspiration of Paul Daniels. If it wasn’t for Paul I’m sure there wouldn’t have been as many excellent childrens magicians leaving long lasting treasured memories in the hearts and minds of children. So Paul Daniels – we salute you.