Children’s Entertainer Malmesbury


When the children of Malmesbury meet party entertainer Ozzy Wizzpop they quickly realise their in for a real treat. Ozzy has perfected the art of winning over small hearts and minds in his incredibly well planned and executed party shows where the fun never stops.

He unquestionably stands out from the crowd in his field. He admits that it takes hard work and hours of planning and practice to put together the perfect show. However when you really love your job no sacrifice is too big.

At the start of his show Ozzy uses comedy to capture the attention of his audience. With the ice broken and the kids eagerly looking forward to the next joke he then casually mixes some magic into the act to leave the children staring in disbelief.

As he goes through his magic tricks he calls various children to the stage as assistants. Sometimes for the first time in their lives, normally shy children cast inhibitions and hesitation aside to become Ozzy’s helpers. The show gives them the opportunity to take centre stage for a short while. They get caught up in the moment, experience the thrill of receiving applause for their contribution and leave with a sense of pride and achievement.

Along with the humour and magic Ozzy has some other tricks up his sleeve. His naughty puppet Bonkers brings some monkey business into the show and immediately steals the hearts of the kids. Plate spinning, dance-offs, and balloon twisting are all woven into his act.

Ozzy is such a great choice for a children’s party because he is a multifaceted and talented entertainer. He has designed a finely balanced show that takes children on a fun roller coaster ride through a world of magic and humour. The party girl or boy always gets special treatment and a little gift from Ozzy.

With him taking care of the entertainment, the parent has the opportunity to relax on party day. In fact many parents choose to watch the show with their young ones. The comments Ozzy receives after a performance leave no doubt that they enjoy it just as much. Booking and payment is simple and Ozzy delivers every-time. Keeping thirty to forty or more young ones spellbound in a one or two hour show is no problem for him. Pricing is very competitive.

Next time when you want to see the wide-eyed wonder on the face of your little one when a party entertainer magically appears in a fish bowl complete with live fish, give Ozzy a call and prepare to be blown away.

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Here’s what some of my previous customers
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We had Ozzy Wizzpop for my twins sons’ 7th birthday party and he was brilliant! Loved by parents and children alike, he had an amazing ability to engage the children and keep their attention throughout. Would not hesitate to recommend him and would definitely book him again. Thank you Chris!LYNDA O 8/12/15 NETMUMS
Brilliant entertainer. My daughter and the other children loved every minute. Plenty of communication from Chris when booking and a call just before the day of the party to again confirm. He was at the venue before us already setting up when we arrived. Plenty of comments from parents about how good they thought he was and how much their children enjoyed themselves.GEOFFREY D 3/5/16 NETMUMS