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Childrens entertainer Fareham


A little about the number one choice in childrens entertainment in Fareham

I’m Ozzy Wizzpop and I help parents and party planners who’s job it is to find a childrens entertainer in Fareham that will be loved by all and at the same time remains cost effective. I perform an action packed thoroughly engaging magic show for children. My show leaves the children in tears of laughter with gasps of amazement from the thrilling magic. Performing a dazzling show for the children is my passion. I find that the adults usually enjoy the show as well.

The show begins with a five minute comedy opener up that uses television themes from popular kids shows. This works great to warm them up and to get them into the party spirit ready to embrace the show. I then begin the show with a mesmerising magic trick that leaves the little ones dazzled and amazed. This let’s the children know that there in for a spectacular show.

The children play a big role in the show and I invite many up on stage to help me out. When they know they have an opportunity to assist me with the magic I find that they are all behaved really well too. This makes for a much more hassle free party. I can certainly remember from when I was a child, being picked out by the magician was an absolute thrilling feeling. It’s wonderful to pass this feeling back on at my parties.

To ensure that the children remained engaged throughout my show I intersperse the magic with fun interactive features ( a world record attempt) and a monkey puppet who dresses in a pink tutu. From experience I find that this is effective in keeping attention levels high throughout the show.

Most of my bookings now come from word-of-mouth from other childrens parties in Fareham I’ve performed at. I guess this must mean that I am doing something right. From this and great online reviews from such sites as Google Places and Net Mums you can rest assure that booking me for your child party is a sound choice.

To view my prices click here. I look forward to hearing from you soon.