Terms & Conditions

1.If the contract is cancelled within 31-60 days of the performance date, 50% of the contract fee will be payable and if cancelled within 30 days or less of the performance, 100% of the contract fee will be payable.
2. Deposit payments are non refundable and cannot be used for a new booking if the original booking has been cancelled.
3. A reschedulement of a booked date after the deposit has been paid will not be offered. You are free to cancel the booking and make a new booking however this will require a new deposit payment and incur any cancellation fees as outlined in condition 2.
4. The remaining balance is due before the performance only. Payment on the day of the booking is fine however it must be paid before the performance. I accept BACS or cash only.
5. Parking within a one minute walk to the front door of the venue must be available. No parking, no booking.

6. I do not accept bookings with bouncy castles
7. You are responsible for the safety of the children / audience for the duration of the entertainment. A minimum of one adult (over 18) MUST be in the room at all times.
8. Balloons must not be scattered on the floor at any time during or before the performance.
9. For 2 hour birthday parties there will be a break for party food approximately halfway through.
10. Balloons will not be given to toddlers or babies under any circumstances.