Planning a fantastic stress child’s birthday party

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Planning the party

So you have been lumbered with the responsibility of organising your childs party. The first question that springs to mind is how am I going to do this? There is a lot to remember and no parent would want to get this wrong or miss anything out. Here are a few pointers for you to remember for the party. Good luck with the planning. It’s not that bad!

1.) Allow for 4 to 6 weeks to plan the party. This will ensure a less stressful experience as there will be no last minute panics. This also helps for budgeting the event. Leaving things to the last moment can result in overspending.
2.) Be sure to compile a list of the children and other guests you wish to invite as early as possible in the planning so nobody is left out. Check that the venue you hire can accommodate the number of guests expected to attend. Also check if the venue has seats. Surprisingly some don’t or they do but not enough.
3.) Schedule the party on a day that doesn’t clash with any other events that the guests may be attending. Especially check with your child’s best friend. It’s usually best to book it for saturday or Sunday.
4.) If you’re opting for a themed party (always a good idea) make sure it’s a theme that the parents can easily get hold of the relevant costumes. Super heroes, Disney and princess themes are usually a good idea. 5.) Set the party for around two hours. From experience I find this is the best duration.
6.) A good idea is to put a map on the back of the invitation. You can easily print one off Google maps. Also include a RSVP so you know how many guests will be there and you are suitably prepared on the day.
7.) Attach balloons to the property so parents can find the premises easier. This has been enormous help to me in the past in finding difficult places.
8.) Have a broad range of party food for the guests to choose from. Remember that some children are quite fussy eaters. Also avoid anything with nuts just in case one of the children has an allergy to this.

photo credit: Pretty.Little.Things via photopin cc