The boy wonder

I was delighted with what my dear mother (mama Wizzpop) unearthed today. This picture of me as a magician aged about 6.  It seems funny to imagine that all those years ago I had that desire to be a childrens entertainer and now here I am all those years later as children’s magician.  Perhaps my mum should have got me an astronaut costume instead.

Childrens entertainer Bournemouth

Here I am aged 6

I was reminded of a funny story when I saw this picture. Around this time I informed all the children at school that there was to be a magic show around my house. I failed to inform my fellow class mates that I was the actual magician and one who didn’t know many tricks and was 25 years too early to be performing his first show to children!  They were under the impression that they were to see a professional act. In my small mind I was.

The children relayed this information to their parents about the magic show around my house.  I imagine that the parents cheered at the prospect of loosing their kids for an afternoon. They turned up knocking my door no doubt with thoughts full of what they were to do with their free afternoon.  Of course my poor mother knew nothing of this magic show and had to politely turn away the frustrated parents all expecting to see a professional party entertainer.

I have no recollection of this story what so ever. This makes me laugh even more about it. The whole idea of it was pretty bonkers when I didn’t really have an act, what was I going to do? I guess the seed that  was planted at this early age did certainly did sprout!