Children’s Entertainer Frome

Hello I’m Ozzy Wizzpop

I’m going to tell you about what it is I actually do. It’s a performance with magic, monkey puppet, party games, balloon modelling, music and loads of comedy. Now, I pack a lot in and that’s why my parties will always hold the attention of the children for the entire duration. Don’t take my word for it, click on the reviews link and check out the good things that other parents have been saying.

I run the entire party so it’s completely stress free for you. All you have to do is bring the food.
Most people want me for the two hours as kids parties are usually two hours In length so I’ll go over how this runs.

45 minutes

We start with a 45 minutes performance which is mostly the magic show and the famous bonkers the monkey. I’ll get the birthday child up to help me with a trick, if there a bit shy I’ll always get another child to help. The show is very interactive, lots of shouting out and excitement. Its faced paced and changeable to ensure they stay attentive throughout.

the second half

Then its on to the second half. We do a bit more magic, party games some balloon modelling and a big finale with the birthday child. The party games are non elimination which means no one is out so they are constantly participating. At the end of the games I announce that everyone has won a prize so all the children go home happy.

After the first half

After the first half we stop for food. I’ll play some music whilst the children eat and set up for the second half. Once the children have eaten I’ll come find you to get the cake ready and then I will get the children sat down ready to sing happy birthday.

the really cool bit

Now this is the really cool bit that leaves the birthday child speechless. At the end I’ll bring up your child to the front and explain to them that Bonkers the monkey has a brother that I’m trying to find a new home for and ask if they would be able to help. Then I present them with a huge monkey in a tree balloon. Their jaw literally hits the floor, make sure you have your camera ready!

And that’s it! Two hours of face paced entertainment that keeps the kids thrilled from start to finish.