Why a kids magician is a great idea

The hottest property in childrens entertainment is Ozzy Wizzpop. A charming performance bursting with laughter and magical moments. With all it’s thrills and frolics, this is a terrific action packed show that authentically reimagines one of the few really great forms of childrens entertainment and is guaranteed to give them laughter, wonderment and a lot of fun. The Ozzy Wizzpop show is a fantastic production your kids will always remember. The show is an ideal birthday party idea and remains affordable.

Ozzy does magic but not like the kind you see of the telly. It’s not only about leaving the kids perplexed with trick after trick but more so creating the magic pantomime fashioned by riding a roller coaster of fun emotions as the trick progresses and then finishing it with a magical ending. The children are thrilled in being invited on the stage to help him with his wacky tricks, usually getting the better of him in the process to the delight of the audience. A speaking drawing, magical newspaper, naughty wand with a mind of its own and floating light that comes out of the childrens ears makes this one of the most memorable Portsmouth birthday parties.

Ozzy takes the kids on a great adventure with comedy magic, puppets and balloon sculptures. He has raised the bar on birthday parties with his energetic much admired show. Audience involvement ensure even the smallest kids stay gripped as mums and dads are swept along in the fun as well. The best thing is that all you have to do is take care of the food and enjoy the show. Parents time and time again comment how stress free the event was. With ozzy’s captivating and charismatic style of showmanship there is little worry of the children running wild during the party as he casts a spell over the audience from start to finish.

Many childrens shows suggest they offer appeal across the generations but fail to live up to this claim. The Ozzy Wizzpop show is a rare gem that will, and as such, it offers families that most precious of commodities – a fun occasion enjoyed together. Don’t take our word for it, just look at what other parents said from much trusted parents website NetMums.

Your little one deserves birthday memories that last forever and Ozzy Wizzpops birthday parties is an assured choice.


I’m occasionally asked by parents what games I do in my parties and it’s always a bit of a mouth full to explain so I have wrote this for greater clarity. To begin with, none of my games are elimination based which means no one is ever ‘out’. This ensures all the children are engaged throughout and are not going to become bored which is very important to me. On to the games!

Character statues
I tell the children to dance and when the music stops to freeze and impersonate a well known character (superheroes, Disney princesses etc). I’ll pick the most creative one each time ensuring that everyone wins. If there are a lot of children, I’ll pick multiple winners each time so by the end they have all won.
Why it’s good
– The children enjoy being on their feet, if they don’t want to pretend to be a character they will usually just  freeze normally so they still feel involved. It’s  easy to understand and we can play it instantly. The children are never bored in this game and are always riveted throughout. It’s been so good over the years.