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Great Birthday Parties in Melksaham

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Kids party no no’s

Inviting too many children – It may well be great to have the entire class from your childs school to attend their party however bear in mind space considerations. Having 25 odd children in your front room all high on sugar and excitement may well be a recipe for disaster. This consideration may be applicable to a hall hired. Some venues offer you a small room on the premises. Make sure to check the capacity. I’ve been to a few parties where I’ve almost been falling over children as there have been so many there. The amount of children isn’t a problem is just that a larger venue would have been better.

Making the premises child proof – This is mostly applicable if you are hosting the party from your home. You’ve probably not had so many children in your house at one time, be prepared! Be cautious of breakables (and fish tanks!). Also consider edges children may run into such as table ends. They do get pretty wild at parties.

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Scattering balloons on the floor – The children get very wild and hyper when the floor is covered with lots of balloons for them to jump on and hit each other with. Once they become hyper from the start it can be difficult to get them to settle done throughout the rest of the party.

Unclear invitation – Be clear and concise with party invites. This should state the who, what, where and when of the party. If your address is difficult to find be sure to put directions also.

Opening presents at the party – This immediately causes a lot of mess and can be boring for the other party guests. Also it happens often where duplicate gifts are given and this can be embarrassing for the gift issuer.

Talking to loud when the entertainer is performing – This can make it difficult for the entertainer to be heard if the chattering is quite loud and can distract the children from the performance. The entertainer understands you haven’t seen each other for a while and would like a good natter but consider the volume.

Here’s what some of my previous customers
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Ozzy was the entertainer at my boys’ joint (3rd and 5th) birthday party. there were 40+ kids there and all of them were thoroughly entertained for the whole two hours. The set up of the two hour package is excellent and kept the kids engaged and laughing. The range of ages were 2 to 9…all of them joined in and felt involved in the party. Fantastic and would definitely recommend.Stephanie L 28/09/15