Ozzy update for March

I have teamed up with Gambados play centre in the Swan Centre in Eastleigh and will be performing for their Easter party on April 18th from 5pm to 7pm. This may well be my biggest attended show to date with approximately 200 children plus parents expected. Also I will be there mosts days in the school holidays twisting balloons for the children for free. This is from 7th April to the 18th from mid day excluding weekends. If you’ve seen one of my balloon sculptures that you like then pop along and I will try my best to make it for you. On a side note if you know anybody that works within one of these play centres please could you email me as I’m keen to develop relationships with management in these centres.

The ever-growing conquest to add to my repertoire of balloons sculptures continues. I can now make a ninja turtle. This has been very popular on my Facebook page getting numerous likes. Unfortunately it does take me a while to make but hopefully I will get this time down after making a few more. I’ve also added a really cute looking dolphin. This is only two balloons, quick to make and has being creating quite an impression on my balloon twisting gigs. If you want to see it then check out my facebook page

Really excited about an upcoming convention for children’s entertainers in Shropshire that I’m attending. This sold out a long time ago and I’m very privileged to be going. Lecturing at the event will be two renowned entertainers from America that are known throughout the world amongst our industry. I’ve seen these two performers a lot from YouTube and DVDs. I’ve learned vast amounts from them and I’m thrilled to be meeting them to fill my brain with even more magic and balloon knowledge.

My old man puppet is still yet to make his stage debut. I’ve not had much time to practice with him and perfect the routine. Im itching to get him out performing with me as I know it will add so much value to my show and the children will simply love it.

Hope to see some of you at Gambados. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance.

kids parties salisbury

I’m occasionally asked by parents what games I do in my parties and it’s always a bit of a mouth full to explain so I have wrote this for greater clarity. To begin with, none of my games are elimination based which means no one is ever ‘out’. This ensures all the children are engaged throughout and are not going to become bored which is very important to me. On to the games!

Character statues
I tell the children to dance and when the music stops to freeze and impersonate a well known character (superheroes, Disney princesses etc). I’ll pick the most creative one each time ensuring that everyone wins. If there are a lot of children, I’ll pick multiple winners each time so by the end they have all won.
Why it’s good
– The children enjoy being on their feet, if they don’t want to pretend to be a character they will usually just  freeze normally so they still feel involved. It’s  easy to understand and we can play it instantly. The children are never bored in this game and are always riveted throughout. It’s been so good over the years.