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Happy new year

Firstly I would like to gift my crazy monkey side kick puppet Bonkers a voice. He’s been whispering in my ear for far too long and now he’s ready for the spotlight! I can now do ventriloquism after almost a year of trying to get it. I performed my talking drawing board trick a few times using vent over December. I feel confident enough now to gift Bonkers with a voice. I just need to find the correct voice for him. This means I will have to sit in one night talking to myself for hours until I find the correct voice. Mrs Wizzpop will be in for a fun night. On a side note, I’ve begun to warn parents that any mischief that’s bonkers causes is nothing to do with me. This always makes them chuckle.

Secondly I’d like to begin putting on shows for children in the school holidays. This will involve finding a suitable venue, setting about promoting the event myself and selling tickets. It will more than likely be a lot of hard work. It could be something that I do once and say never again! Or it could work out well. I guess I never know until I try.

Thirdly I want to improve at balloon modelling. Every one I meet at parties whilst I’m twisting expresses I’m good but I know I need to learn more sculptures and get quicker. I have a 4 hour balloon gig coming up too! So I need to practice which will involve lots of squeaky twisting sessions in the living room. Again Mrs Wizzpop will be impressed.

Finally I want to continue to improve the show. The show I do now is about 80% different to my first show I performed a year ago. This is because I try new things and get greater reactions so loose the parts of the show that don’t yield such great responses every time. It’s very exciting when I get an idea, perform it and then get a great reaction from it. My mantra for my performance is consistent improvement. I’m always always thinking of ways to make it better purely because it’s such a thrill for me as a performer to be witnessing better reactions throughout the show.

I’m also looking forward to attending a few childrens entertainer conferences including Trix In The Stix ( which has a great acronym) and Kidology in Wolverhampton. It will be great to meet a lot of my fellow entertainers that I speak with online and come away with fresh ideas and probably new props and tricks.

So that’s how Ozzy is going to improve this year! I’m also looking at buying an incredible new puppet that will blow the kids away (and the parents!) But you will have to wait for that. And I will have to wait to afford it! Happy new year to you all.
photo credit: Rinoninha via photopin cc