How it all began back when I was as a kid

Quite often people ask me how I got started doing childrens parties. I suppose its not your usual choice of career so I thought it would make an interesting blog post so here’s the story of how I became a childrens entertainer in hampshire.

Like most magicians the desire to do magic materialised at an early age. My inspiration came in that of a childrens entertainer I would see at a holiday camp that went by the name of Uncle Peter. I would watch the same show every week and became mesmerised by it. I can only compare it to how a child today would watch the same Disney DVD over and over again. Even though I knew what was going to happen next each time, I was still thrilled with the performance none the less.

With the magic set I received for Christmas I was ready to become Paul Daniels junior – thanks Santa! I still have this in my loft to this day. You would imagine that from this point I would be dazzling my friends with my newfound tricks and progressing onto learning great feats of conjuring, entertaining the children of Southampton with magic. This was not the case as I was actually awful at magic and continued to be naff throughout my short lived hobby and then just gave up. My problem was that I just didn’t practice the tricks. I would loosely grasp the trick and run out of the room to show the first possible person I bumped into. This was usually my dad who would just laugh. Well thanks for the honesty dad!

For the rest of my life I would occasionally look at magic books with a glimmer of interest but not following through with my desire. I was definitely what you would call a dabbler. Then on one night it all changed and the magical torch was alight once again. It was July 15th 2012, a few hours before my birthday. I explored through some old folders on my mac wondering what I could find. I unearthed an ebook by the name of Modern Coin magic by JB Bobo. The flicker of curiosity arose as it always had done upon stumbling across magic related literature. I had a look through and became immediately interested and I decided I was going to get into this. Then it happened. A thought leaped into my head that said ‘why don’t you become a childrens magician’. My heart raced, this was a brilliant idea. The rest is history!

I’m occasionally asked by parents what games I do in my parties and it’s always a bit of a mouth full to explain so I have wrote this for greater clarity. To begin with, none of my games are elimination based which means no one is ever ‘out’. This ensures all the children are engaged throughout and are not going to become bored which is very important to me. On to the games!

Character statues
I tell the children to dance and when the music stops to freeze and impersonate a well known character (superheroes, Disney princesses etc). I’ll pick the most creative one each time ensuring that everyone wins. If there are a lot of children, I’ll pick multiple winners each time so by the end they have all won.
Why it’s good
– The children enjoy being on their feet, if they don’t want to pretend to be a character they will usually just  freeze normally so they still feel involved. It’s  easy to understand and we can play it instantly. The children are never bored in this game and are always riveted throughout. It’s been so good over the years.