Pirtae kids party

Kids at party

1.) The performance
This is more than just a magic show. Magic plays a big part in it yes but there’s so much more to it. Ozzy’s energetic theatrical performances throughout the show make for a thrilling viewing for children. A background in performing arts is evident when you see Ozzy thrust his high octane routines to the stage for the children to delight in. You will see balloon twisting, comedy and a lot of pantomime elements to keep the children engaged.
2.) The personality
Ozzy is a fun guy that can work the children into a frenzy. A personality that oozes confidence, he grabs immediate control of the audience as soon as he steps on stage. He smiles throughout and has a special way with the children. If things go wrong (children getting out of hand) Ozzy can deal with this without coming across as person of authority.
3.) Value for money
He’s not the cheapest but he’s not the most expensive. Ozzy try’s to keep his service affordable whilst trying to making a living at the same time. Be concerned at people charging £50 for a two-hour party. You really do get what you pay for.
4.) Professionalism
Ozzy is fully police checked and has a DBS certificate for your inspection. Note that DBS is the new name for CRB. He is also fully insured by Equity. Ozzy will arrive early for your event and be dressed smartly. His material is family friendly and he does not use any risqué material or inappropriate innuendos.
5) Bonkers the monkey
Ozzy uses a monkey puppet during the middle of the performance to lift the show. He’s cheeky, dances , causes mischief and is generally crazy. The children absolutely love Bonkers.
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photo credit: dizzyscastle via photopin cc
Nottingham Children’s entertainer