Its been a great February so far. The phone is now ringing most days and I’m finally getting word of mouth bookings. This is great as its free advertising! Its very rewarding when a previous customer recommends me to somebody else. So thanks to all who have passed on my details.

I’ve decided that I shall now be hosting a video blog. The first one is done and will be up very soon. I will be adding to this as often as I can showing you interesting things that go on behind the scene with myself starting of firstly with the arrival of my brand new puppet. You will see from the first video I am very excited about this! This is a beautiful (and very expensive) puppet handmade from Asia. He came naked so I had to take him shopping. Yes this was a little embarrassing but the staff at Primark where only too happy to help. I did get some strange looks from other shoppers as I tried various outfits on him.

I’ve opted to call him Granddad, its simple and understandable for the kids watching. He’s going to be a miserable character who’s cheeky but gets away with things because of his age. I’m still developing the character depth. It’s very exciting to bring a talking character into the show. This will really lift the levels of wonderment for the children. I think the future of my show will take a ventriloquist direction

I’ve finally begun to get the hang of ventriloquism. I’m halfway there now. The most difficult bit of pronouncing words without moving your lips has just about been mastered (the p’s are my final hurdle). I now need to master a voice for granddad and work on the projection.

I’ve purchased a few new tricks as well. These have gone down well. The swallowing the bottle trick wasn’t so great so I ditched that one.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the video blog.

Vent puppet

Childrens entertainer Portsmouth
Grandad puppet and his shirt

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