Childrens entertainer Winchester- Hat Fair

Winchester Hat fair

Winchester Hat Fair

This weekend I visited the famous Winchester Hat Fair, and what a joy it was! Being my first time at the event I wasn’t sure what to expect. Roars of laughter and smiles greeted me as soon as I entered the park. Here was an arena of street theatre for the whole day, a feast of entertainment, and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. To make it even better, the weather was beautiful.

Being a chilldrens entertainer Winchester, I knew I could learn a few things from my day in Winchester. These performers had to keep a mixed blend of spectators from all ages amused for a whole 40 minutes. There not paid so they only earn what it tipped in the hat at the conclusion of their performance. If an audience member walks before the show finishes, so does the performers tip. This makes for a more engaging show with all the theatrical elements of performance thrust upon us. Keeping the parents entertained whilst engaging the kids is a fine balance but most of the acts seemed to grasp it perfectly. Things were made that little bit more tricky with the scorching heat.

So what did I learn by being on the other side of the fence, being the entertained as oppose to the entertainer? Well at one point I was pulled up to be a part of the show. A backing dancer for the fantastic Lords of Strut! I realised just how much more fun a show is when an audience member is involved, for me as the invited guest and for the audience chuckling at my mishaps. I always knew the importance of audience participation but now have a newfound appreciation for this element of the show.

I was thoroughly entertained throughout the say. Who knows, I may will be one of the ‘mad hatters’ next year!