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The Childrens entertainer Dorset

I am an experienced children entertainer who works with parents and other people who are also involved in children entertainment to deliver quality entertainment to children. Children who have attended my entertainment shows say that they are unique and memorable. I am called Ozzy Wizzpop and my pleasure is to entertain children so that they enjoy my shows and also leave them laughing to their bones.

My show is basically designed to entertain children between the ages three through to seven years olds. I always curtain raise my shows with some five minute comics sets involving popular kids TV themes. This is good because it serves as a catalyst to awaken the children to prepare for the fun filled entertainment that will follow thereafter. It also makes them eager to want to join in the interactive fun nature of the show.

My first tactic is always to let all the children draw an image of me on my magic white board which then moves its eyes and talks. This always leaves the children perplexed and dumbfounded. Much of the plays are for the children to do themselves as this makes them experience the magic by themselves. Of course the child that is hosting the birthday party is the one who takes the central role and is made the star of the show.

Most of the bookings that I get from my clients are by word of mouth although some are referrals. The exciting shows that I have done in most children parties are your assurance that by booking my show you will be making a wise choice. Bearing in mind that you want your child’s party to be a memorable event, I ensure that I do my shows professionally and also guarantee that the cost is economical as well. In this specialized field of entertainment my priority is to give out my best and I ensure that by offering all the things that I have mentioned.

I am also affordable, and will work with you to ensure your party is the best it can possibly be. In case you have an upcoming party for your child, you can inform in advance by providing me with a few details of the party. Make sure to include things like the date, venue, and time and so on, and I will let you know if I will be available on the day that you want my services. You can alternatively fill out this form here including all the details that I have asked you to provide above. If you wish to contact me by phone you can call me on 07873 690696. Contact me for any kind of party that you may want me to spice up for your child and for sure the party will be a memorable one not only for you and your child but also for the other visiting children and their parents as well!

Ozzy Wizzpop – a great choice for childrens entertainer Dorset