Its difficult to write this has my hands are aching very much.  Today I attended the 100th anniversary party for the Girl Guiding movement at Paultons Park, twisting balloons for them. I was super excited about going to Paultons Park. I haven’t been there for 20 years and I remember it being the most exciting thing ever as a child. Even more exciting than getting a Commodore 64 game.

Now Peppa Pig seems to have invaded the park and is the main attraction – over shadowing the amazing dinosaurs in the woods (which probably have moss on now). What happened to the little Owl dude they used on their commercials?  The one that used to say ‘its a hoot hoot at Paultons Park’? I imagine Peppa gave old hooty the heave ho. Amazingly that place opened in 1983.

It was a great day twisting for the kids. I worked for 5 hours straight twisting. I didn’t even have a break, I just ploughed on through determined to keep the cue down as much as I could. This was always going to be tricky as there were 2000 girls there. I guess I must have made between 150 – 200 balloons in that time which pretty good going. Balloon twisting gigs like this can be great but can be frustrating.

As a balloon artist its a joy to be able to make something for a child that really amazes them.  Its a bit like showing off from the balloon artists point of view. This is a good showing off though as it puts a big smile on every ones face. The problem is when there is a massive cue, I have to resort to making one balloon designs. The children didn’t seem to mind today interestingly. I found that as some of the children were waiting so long, they were so happy to get a balloon due to having to wait so long. I guess if you have to wait longer for something it has more value. They seemed to appreciate it a lot more. As long as the children have a smile on their face that’s the main thing however I do like making really big cool stuff.

Its good to have little jokes with the kids as you twist and even better if you can weave them into the sculptures. Today I invented one up on the spot.  So I have these clear see through long thin balloons.  I ask the children who wants an invisible dog.  I proceed to make the dog with this balloon and all the children are in agreement that it is indeed an invisible dog.  Then they all want one!

Today I learned a lot about twisting under pressure. The girl Guides 100th anniversary party was the busiest twisting gig I have ever done and I loved it. Id like to be invited back to the 200th anniversary party in 3014 please.