A Summer of balloon twistingBalloon modeller

This summer I have found that I have been booked a lot for balloon twisting. The weather has been just right so its been a fun time. With this being my first year in the world of balloon twisting I have learned a lot. Mostly which sculptures work best and which ones take too long. There have been times when I’ve offered a really cute design but its been taking ages to do and the cue just gets longer and longer. At this point the design doesn’t seem so cute!making balloon sculptures in Eastleigh

Last week I did a gig entertaining children at a wedding reception. This was great as the kids were getting bored before I arrived and I was able to make some really cool stuff for them and brighten up their evening. It’s a great feeling when you look up and you see all your designs in one place at the same time running around being enjoyed. Still a few more summer twisting gigs to go including Forton Fest this weekend and The Old Forge summer Fayre on bank holiday Monday, be good to see you