You glance down at the calendar and then realise another birthday is fast approaching. Organising your child’s birthday party can be very stressful and a nerve wrecking experience for the first timer. The idea of keeping a large group of small children entertained for up to 2 hours can be perceived as a nightmare. You may feel also that the party has to be absolutely perfect thus adding to the mounting stress of the planning.

Take a deep breath and realise that the party doesn’t have to lead you to a nervous breakdown. You can conquer this pre-party stress with common sense and some imaginative thinking. Here are some simple stress busting tips to ensure that your party goes hassle free and most importantly enjoyable for everybody, including you!

Forget perfection with childrens parties

Sometimes as parents we get caught up in the fantasy idea that the whole party experience has to be perfect from start to finish. Understand that this probably isn’t going to happen however you can still have a fantastic party. Things will go wrong and not to plan, that’s just life. If you do all you can then your child will no doubt have a memory of the day to cherish for the rest of their life.

Planning and prioritising your child’s party

Consider what elements of the party are the most important to you and your child. It could be the cake, it could be the food or even the entertainment. Make a list of all the requirements necessary to get these tasks done. If it seems like this is going to take too long to achieve some of these then consider a different option. Pick two or three elements of the party and make them just right. Don’t forget to book Ozzy Wizzpop for your entertainment of course!

Limiting the party guests in attendance

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot here. Invite a comfortable amount of guests to the party. Too many at the party may well lead to a stressful party with all the planning and potential problems on the day.

Be ahead of time with planning the party

A good time to start the planning is around six weeks out. This is a sufficient amount of time to get everything ready. Tried to eliminate last minutes tasks as this will cut down on potential stresses and disappointments.

Avoid overspending and keep it simple

Start out with a budget for the party and try not to overspend. Operating within the recommended six week planning timescale should be a key factor towards achieving this. Remember it’s a party for your children not the Oscars awards. A well thought out imaginative fun party is a lot better than and overspent party lacking creativity.

Enjoy the party and it’s special moments

Try not to spend every minute of the party occupied. Yes drinks will spill, children will cry and things will go wrong but enlist the help of some other adults to ensure you can enjoy your child’s special day with them and share with the happy memories. Don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can as well.