Great children’s parties require planning. The problem is we do not all have the time to plan every little detail. Technology has taken the sting out of the tail of this process and using a few software applications for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can make your life a lot easier and bring you birthday party entertainment at the touch of a button. You can download them from iTunes.

One such an application is Pro Planner. This impressive little helper from the virtual world allows you to put in the names emails and phone numbers of invited guests and check them off as they accept the invitation. You can plan a menu, decorations and entertainment at the touch of a button.

Some other birthday applications to download are:

* Phoster: To spread the word about your party, make colorful posters and send them electronically. Phoster has 87 free templates to choose from. You can even add images from your own photo library and include your own text.

* Red Stamp: Sending out party invitation cards is also very easy with the right application. One that comes highly recommended from several Internet users is Red Stamp.

* Kara’s party ideas: Kara Allen knows all about family and children’s parties. She even wrote a book on the subject. To pick her brain, download the Kara’s party ideas app from iTunes. This will give you access to her very popular website where you will find very useful information, photos and ideas and links.

* Mouth off: This application will turn you into a children’s entertainer. You place your iPhone in front of your mouth and talk, shout or laugh. Your iPhone display screen will be filled with an animated picture of a mouth forming the sounds that you produce. The kids will love watching.

* The Hit Crew’s Birthday Party Music: This is yet another app you can get at iTunes to provide party music for the young ones. There are several tunes you can download to make sure the music fits their age group.

* Grocery Gadget: When you go shopping for a party you can easily go over budget. To prevent this download the Grocery Gadget app from iTunes. It will keep your wallet on track.

* Wendy’s Birthday Party: As his or her birthday draws nearer your child is often very excited and tends to grow impatient. Wendy’s Birthday Party is an interactive book and game meant to take him or her inside a make-believe world of children’s magic where they can party all they want before the big day.

* The Toca series of games can keep children playing for hours. Download Toca Builders, Toca Kitchen Monsters or any of the other games in this series and the kids will spend the party quietly and creatively.

* My story world: This application is one that you can use together with the children. Keep them spellbound while telling them the story. You can use it at a birthday party or even when you tuck them in at bed time.