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Ozzy Wizzpop’s Fun Magic Show

This party packs a lot in!

A mischievous monkey, a magical speaking drawing and an adventurous world record attempt all tumble together to present Ozzy Wizzpop’s fun childrens party. This energetic show spins frantically between being theatre, magic and comedy. The children are kept thrilled throughout, playing a big role in this pantomime of hilarity.

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    Stress free for you

    I run the whole two hour party. Relax whilst I do it all. Just bring the food .

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    Engaging throughout

    With magic, puppets, balloon modelling & party games all squeezed in, the children will remain excited throughout sitting watching every minute.

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    Very happy children

    Your children will delight in telling everyone for days how they saw real magic and a naughty monkey from the ‘funny magic man’.

Time and time again children love
this engrossing thrilling show yours will too!


A great big monkey in a tree made from balloons will leave your child beaming from ear to ear with a gift they have never quite seen before.


The show is pitched perfectly for 3 to 7 year olds. Its energetic comedic magical nature ensures the children fully attentive.


The children go absolutely wild when they see Bonkers the monkey perform his part of the show. A genuine rush of excitement every time.


Ozzy has a special blend of party games that are non elimination and are very thrilling for the kids and everyone wins a prize.


The party is that much better when the kids love and know every song. My ever changing playlist ensures this.


Its an understatement to say kids love balloon animals. The look on a childs face on receiving their first balloon animal is priceless.

“We booked Ozzy Wizzpop for a joint birthday party for my daughter who was 5 and a friends daughter who was 3, together we had almost 50 guests. Ozzy Wizzpop was fantastic he kept the children engaged and entertained for the whole party, he took the pressure away so we could enjoy the girls birthday party. Before Ozzy left I booked a party for my son who will be 7 in May he is very excited and can’t wait to meet the monkey again and get a monkey ballon animal”Sammy L 6/3/15 Netmums

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